Meyer Lemon Blender Pie

Looking for a good and super easy lemon pie recipe?  We had this one on Christmas Day and really enjoyed it. It’s so simple and yet very tasty.  And, you use an entire Meyer lemon ... peel and all.  Just remove seeds and place all ingredients into a blender.  Thank you to my friend, Dannie, for sharing the recipe!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Plans for Thanksgiving Day are moving right along!  So excited that our grand kiddos will be spending the day with us!  All the kiddos will be home except for our youngest son who is vacationing overseas at the moment.  We'll sure miss him but he's having a great trip and we're thrilled for him.

This year we cheated a bit and are having our main meal catered.  I only need to make a few appetizers and desserts.  It's been a wonderful break. The caterer will be providing our baked turkey with all the trimmings and sides.  We did this a few years ago as well and the food was every bit as good as home cooked.  A plus is that the turkey is already carved - boneless and sliced except for the legs.  Easy peasy!

Our tablescape is super simple - leaving plenty of room for serving dishes and platters when we remove the centerpiece.  Found these cute Thanksgiving wheels for the littles to color and draw.  And a couple of Thanksgiving Berenstain Bears books will be fun.   Made raspberry bars and oatmeal cookies today and will make brownies tomorrow.  Ordered a pumpkin pecan pie from a local bakery. We’ll miss several family members who won't be with us but we're looking forward to Thursday!

Thankful for ...

... the changing seasons and the trees that frame our home with colorful Fall leaves.   This is our second Fall in our home and it's by far the most colorful.  With our unpredictable weather, perhaps we'll be blessed with snow this Winter!