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Frugal Front Porch Refresh - the Reveal!

Well, our tiny front porch is finally presentable!   It was basically a blank slate with only two chairs, red pillows and a black rubber door mat.  Not exactly a cozy first impression. 

But now ... it's a comfy little space to enjoy a tall glass of sweet iced tea on a hot summer day.

At this point I should probably warn you ... this is going to be a looooong post with tons of photos!  You may want to grab that glass of sweet iced tea and find a comfy chair!

The backdrop for our porch is wall paint in Sherwin Williams Softer Tan and our front door is Rustoleum Regal Red.  The existing black chairs received a good (although a bit late) Spring cleaning and a fresh coat of black spray paint.

My inspiration piece was this multicolored door mat - love the color combination. 

Was happy to discover the door mat incorporated our existing deep red, along with dark aqua and bright green.  This allowed me to exercise my frugality and keep the deep red pillows that were already on the porch chair…

{TUTORIAL} DIY Fourth of July Vase Filler

If you find you're short on time but need a little something to complete your Fourth of July table scape or mantel, this is a quick, easy and frugal option.

The tall clear vases can be found at Dollar Tree and the vase filler is made with items you probably already have in your pantry.

Supplies I used:
Clear vaseWhite rice (uncooked)Food coloringZiplock sandwich bagsFlameless votiveBow

To begin, pour 1 cup white rice into a Ziploc bag.  Add food coloring.  Start with a small amount - you can add more incrementally if you need a more intense color.

Seal bag and knead the bag to work the color into the rice. 

Once you've reached the desired color, pour rice onto paper towel to dry for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, rice is ready to place in vase.

Using a small (1 tablespoon) scoop, I placed a scoop of red rice into the vase.  Then, using the handle end of a wooden spoon, I pressed the rice firmly into the vase.  Do the same with the white rice (uncolored) and then blue.  Repeat layer…

Front Porch Refresh ... In Progress

You know that feeling of having lots of projects going, but none are quite completed?  That's exactly where I am right now.  

Wanted to give you a sneak peek at my front porch refresh plan in progress.  Our front porch is teeny tiny which is good and kind of bad.  Good because it doesn't take a lot of expense to decorate and not-so-good because, with limited space, the pieces I choose have to have a bigger impact without looking cluttered.  My plan is to mainly use items I already have - with a little repainting and tweaking.  Nothing elaborate - just a small space that makes me smile.  :)

Two items that will remain are our black chairs and red pillows.  The chairs will get a fresh coat of black paint.

These are some of the materials I'm working with ... at least at the moment:

Am hoping to wrap this up in the next several days and will be back to share the "after!"


Nine Ways to Add Burlap to Your Decor

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I'm addicted to burlap. 
There, I said it!   Although, admitting it doesn't necessarily mean I have a sincere desire to change.  :)

How could anyone not love burlap?  It's inexpensive, looks natural, is easy (although slightly messy) to work with, comes in a variety of colors and even patterns, and is readily accessible. 

If you like burlap but aren't quite sure where you can fit it into your décor, here are a few examples from around our home:

{TUTORIAL} DIY Interchangeable Book Page Wreath

I'm still crazy about book-related décor and crafts, even though they've been around for years.  I like them all ... wrapped candles, gift wrap/embellishments, rolled pages in a cloche, you name it ... they're all wonderful!  My book page obsession is only rivaled by my love of burlap and using numbers and letters in décor.  We all have our weaknesses, right?!?

A favorite project was this book page wreath with interchangeable centers.  It's wonderful to have one wreath that can be customized for each holiday or occasion - and it's a plus to not have multiple wreaths to store.  One wreath does it all!

Supplies for wreath:
Cardboard Book pages (10 pages, mine were 7-1/2" x 5")Hot glue gunStaplerScissorsVelcro dots (not shown below)
Supplies for decorative centers:
White glueValspar Satin Fired Earth paint or Americana Acrylic craft paint in Bittersweet ChocolateScissors4" cardboard drink coasters (8 pack from party supplies section at Dollar Tree)Small pain…