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Clipboard Gallery Wall

A quick glance into our foyer recently convinced me it was time to update family photos.  When your family members no longer resemble those in the pics, you know it's time!  I put together a new arrangement and this time around, included a new item in the mix - clipboards.

Items used:
6 hardboard clipboards2 frames 8"x10" outside diameter with 3"x5" openings2 frames 7"x14" outside diameter with 3"x5" openings1 monogram 12" x 19"1 frame 23"x17" - Empty to surround monogramScroll metal art from Hobby LobbyBlack and white photos

Am I the only one who struggles with keeping framed photos updated?  I love family pics and have tons of them on my phone, yet the framed pics on our walls are usually stuck in time. Our sweet grandkiddos and adorable niece and nephew are growing fast but the framed pics of them were over a year old.   Something had to be done!

For the gallery wall revamp, I knew I wanted to work around the foyer tabl…

Simple Fall Mantel

It's starting to feel like Fall in our area!  Temps have dropped a little in the evenings and mornings, and we're hopeful we'll have a few cool days soon as well.  To get into the spirit of things, I added simple Fall decor to our mantel.  

With the burlap wreath, metal frame and shutters already in place, I added a few other items found in my stash.

I have a tendency to arrange things balanced and symmetrically and really do try to step out and do things a little more free form.  But, balanced won out again this time.  

The method to my madness is to take out anything Fall-like that I have on hand and place it all around me, trying each item and combinations of items on the mantel until I find an arrangement that "feels" right to me.  Our living room becomes an unfortunate casualty during the process! 

By mixing color, textures and different heights, arrangements provide much more visual interest.

Sometimes an item may be just the right height, but is the wrong col…

Spray Painted Chargers

Last year as I was setting the dining room table on Thanksgiving Eve, I realized I was in need of two additional chargers.  And, since my initial remedy for any decor dilemma is to "paint it," I did just that.

Before Thanksgiving, I bought the last of these adorable Better Homes and Gardens Harvest Leaf Chargers at our local Walmart but somehow ended up needing two more.  (I believe this particular charger has been discontinued but a very similar pattern is in stock in stores this year.)

While searching my stockpile of chargers, I didn't find any with a Fall theme.  If you live in a city, this isn't a crisis, but we are an hour away from any craft or decor stores, so a quick trip to Hobby Lobby or Home Goods wasn't an option.   

After repeated failed attempts to work a couple of the gold ones into the tablescape, I knew another solution was needed.  At $1.99 for each of the gold chargers, it was worth a try to spray paint them, and would certainly not be a big los…

Burlap & Book Page Stocking Ornaments

I've envisioned another Christmas tree in our home ... one that highlights a few of my favorite things ... book pages, burlap, drop cloth and shiny glitter.   When I found unpainted clay stocking ornaments after Christmas last year, I knew they'd be a great addition to the new tree.    

Supplies (click on items for photo):
~~Clay stocking ornament - see below
~~Natural burlap
~~Book pages
~~Canvas drop cloth
~~Jute twine
~~Goldtone fasteners/brads
~~White "school" glue
~~Home Made Modern Golden glitter acrylic paint
~~FolkArt Chunky Gold glitter acrylic paint
~~Craft Smart Pearl metallic acrylic paint
~~Iced Espresso Metallic Lustre
~~Small paint brush
~~Pliers (with side cutters)
~~Small nail

All supplies were found at Home Depot, Lowe's, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Don't you just love after Christmas sales?  I was very fortunate to find the clay stocking ornaments on super duper clearance at Hobby Lobby for 20 cents each and bought the 21 stockings they had left.  

The orname…