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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Stocking Stuffers for Your Pup

Each Christmas morning, we have such a blast watching our pups retrieve and tear into these pet-friendly stocking stuffers.

They are easy to make with items you probably already have:

Empty paper towel cardboard centersWhite tissue paperBrown kraft paper (or plain white paper)Pup treats - Pup-Peroni or Beggin' Strips work wellPaw labels (optional)
Cut paper towel roll into three equal pieces, tear tissue paper into half sheets, and cut or break pup treats into appropriate sizes for your pet.  

Wrap a treat in a half sheet of plain white tissue paper and stuff into cardboard roll.  

Wrap the treat filled cardboard roll in plain brown kraft paper, twisting ends to secure (no tape needed).

This year I added the round paw labels just for fun.  

I created them in Word for Avery 5293 round labels by copying a free paw graphic online and pasting it into the label template and printing.  There's no risk of our pups consuming the toner - they ignore the center of the stuffers and go right to…

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas prep is really not complete for me until I've come up with a plan for our dining room tablescape.  

This year I once again drew from items we have on hand.  

The base placemat is square, woven and gold.  They're no longer available, but a similar style can be found at Distinctive-Decor

Resting on the square gold placemat is my favorite charger ever ... they're round rattan with scalloped edges and I found them a few years ago at Pier One.  They appear to also be discontinued, but Pier One carries a really lovely round charger without scalloped edging HERE.

(Note:  I was not compensated in any way for this post -  the opinions expressed are my own and reflect personal experience.)
The rattan charger is topped with a red plastic charger to complete a trio of placemats/chargers that provides nice texture.

A creamy white porcelain dinner plate contrasts the red charger.  This dinnerware set has been the perfect foundation for holidays and special occasions.  With basic w…

Building a Fun Lego Tray

When hubby and I discovered that our sweet grandson had Legos on his Santa wish list for Christmas, we decided to make this tray to keep the pieces contained and make it easier for him to relocate and store his creations between building sessions.

The construction design is super simple - basically a plywood base surrounded by wood trim.

Lego Gray Baseplates - 6 pieces
1/2" plywood cut to 17" x 22"
1" x 1" boards - 2 pieces cut to 17" long
1" x 1" boards - 2 pieces cut to 22" long
1" x 1/4" wood strips - 2 pieces 18-1/2" long
1" x 1/4" wood strips - 2 pieces 16-1/2" long
1-1/2" diameter self-adhesive felt pads
Construction adhesive (we used Gorilla Glue All Surface)
Wood glue
Furniture clamps
Brad nailer and 1/2" brads
Paint or stain
Fine sandpaper

NOTE:  Carefully sand all wood pieces to remove any splinter hazards.

To begin, we connected the 6 baseplates together using Legos.  

Apply construction adhes…

Classic Pizzelle Cookies

A few years ago we started a new family tradition - making homemade pizzelles for the holidays.  These thin, crisp and crunchy sweet cookies are so tasty!

Pizzelles are Italian cookies made with a press that looks very similar to a waffle iron.  The plates are decorative and give the cookies an embossed appearance.  They can be served flat, or while warm, can be rolled and filled to make cannoli.

There are many pizzelle press styles available and for many families, the well loved press is a treasured heirloom passed down through the generations.

My press is a Cuisinart model WM-PZ2 and I'm very pleased with it.  It heats evenly and the nonstick plates are a breeze to clean with a damp paper towel.

This recipe comes from a very old church fundraiser cookbook.  I can't recall the name of the cookbook, but the recipe is for basic pizzelles.

Classic Pizzelles

1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 large eggs, beaten
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted
1 tablespoon…