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Free Printable - Fall Themed Christmas Countdown

Each year at this time I'm excited to display our festive red framed Christmas countdown printable in our kitchen.  But, this year I also wanted a Fall themed countdown.  

Using Picmonkey I was able to create a reusable countdown that can be displayed through Thanksgiving.  It's nice to have a reminder of how much time we have until Christmas, without neglecting the Fall season and Thanksgiving.

And, I'm happy to share the free printable with you.  It's formatted for an 8"x10" frame or mat.  Just print, frame and use a dry erase marker on the outside of glass to write in the number of days until Christmas.

To download and print, click HERE.

If you have any problems downloading, please email me or leave a comment with your email address and I will forward the file to you.

You can find the number of days until Christmas HERE.

Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!  I try to respond to comments via email as soon as I can…

Travel Trailer Tour

I promised a tour of our travel trailer and ... here we go!

Before we made our purchase, we browsed the photos of many other bloggers' travel trailers, and now it's a pleasure to return the favor and provide this quick tour of ours.  

Our travel trailer is a Rockwood Mini Lite model 2109s and is approximately 21 feet long.  It's basically a one room (plus bathroom) tiny house on double axles!  For a more detailed list of features, check out my previous post HERE.  

To begin this tour, as you walk through the entry, to the right mounted to the side of an upper cabinet is the monitor panel/command center.  Here you control the water pump/heater, tank heaters, and monitor the tanks.  This is also where you find the controls for the power awning and slide-out, and all exterior lighting, along with the interior light nearest the entry.

To your left is a floor to ceiling pantry.  It has removable, adjustable wood shelves.  There's also a clothing rod, making the closet easily c…

Our First Travel Trailer Road Trip

We are back home from our very first road trip with our new travel trailer! This trip took us from our home near Houston, Texas, to the Pacific Coast - over 3,000 miles in 11 days.  We saw so many beautiful sights - white sand deserts, amazing mountains and valleys, clear lakes and colorful sunsets.  And, our trailer provided a comfortable and familiar escape at the end of long days of traveling and sightseeing.   

To make our first trip even more interesting, we had a few passengers on board - our two pups - Mia and Shelby.   

This was their first ever road trip and they did great.  Traveling with pups (especially two rather large ones) makes for an entirely different type of trip, but it was a lot of fun.  Rest break locations along the way were determined by the existence of grass or landscape mulch!

We agreed that this first trip, our major focus would be to relax, become familiar with our new trailer and acclimate ourselves to camp set-up/breakdown routines.  

We're happy to rep…