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DIY Weathered Wood Jar Sconces

Yesterday as Mia (our pup) and I took a walk across our property, I glanced at the small stash of scrap wood I set aside for projects.  A few short hours later, these were casting a warm glow above our fireplace ...


6 boards 30" long
4 boards 7" long
4 hooks (for hanging mason jars)
1" brad nails
1-1/2" wood screws
8 wood shims (as spacers)
2 D-ring hangers with screws
2 picture hangers with screws
4 jars
Jute string

Tools Used:

Ryobi Cordless Mitre Saw
Ryobi Cordless Drill
Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer
Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver 

What can I say? .. We like Ryobi! 

The weather was gorgeous - sunny and slightly cool - a perfect day for an outdoor project.  

I began by cutting all the boards to length.  Thanks to the cordless mitre saw, this part of the process was quick and easy. 

I laid the boards out to determine spacing and our driveway made a great work surface.

The thickest ends of the wood shims served as spacers.

To help find the correct placement of the sh…