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DIY Patriotic Wood Plaque

I have another star spangled project to share with you - a super quick and easy DIY patriotic wood plaque ...


Board or wood plaqueDark Walnut wood stain4 paint stir sticksUnfinished wood cutout star8 small tack nailsTuscan Red craft paintBrown craft paint Navy craft paintCoarse glitter craft paintDouble sided transparent tapeDouble sided foam tapeMitre saw or small hand saw Small paint brush Pledge of Allegiance free printable from Creations by Kara

The plaque is a 12" x 9-1/2" (actual size) scrap piece of board that was leftover from our DIY Wood Plank Lighted Headboard Project ... check out the details HERE.

Lucky for me, the plaque was already stained in Dark Walnut and only need a few touch ups.  

To begin, print the Pledge of Allegiance that Kara at Creations by Kara so graciously provides free for our personal use.  Be sure to also check out her design for a framed pledge with flag that's so adorable!

Print and cut out the Pledge of Allegiance and mount to the…

DIY Wood Shim Star

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and this rustic DIY wood shim project adds to the star spangled festivities!

Items needed:

 10 wood shims (8" long) Binder clips  Tack nails Upholstery nails Craft paint in Vanilla Craft paint in Pearl White  Craft paint in Bittersweet Chocolate  Burlap ribbon

Begin by arranging the wood shims to form a star shape with 5 points. 

When you're pleased with the shape, use binder clips to secure the wood shims in place prior to nailing.  

At this point, it's a good idea to accept that the star shape won't be totally and completely perfect - rustic is the look we're after.  :)  

And, you'll still have time to tweak the shape just before you put the final nails in place.

Nail one tack nail at each point where wood shims meet.

My nails were a bit too long so, using the hammer, I bent them over on the underside.

When each point was secured with a nail, I rechecked the shape and then added 1 more nail to each point to further secure…

Father's Day Chalk Art

Just a quick post to share with you an easy Father's Day stenciled chalkboard sign that's a fun and bright way to celebrate Dad on his special day!

This adorable lighted, distressed chalkboard easel was a thoughtful gift from our sweet daughter that she found at Kirkland's.  :)

And the chalk art design is another Silhouette Design Store regular cut file that I purchased and cut out of white Contact paper to use as a removable, adhesive stencil.  

For this sign, I bravely drew the double-lined border at the top and bottom of the chalkboard - free hand!  It's not perfect, but "good enough" is my new perfect.  Works for me!

After drawing the border, I placed the contact paper stencils (again separating the design into two cut pieces) on the chalkboard.  For more details, click HERE to see my previous DIY Chalk Art post.

Using a chalk marker, I filled in the open areas of the stencil, removed the stencil and cleaned up any smudges with a slightly damp artist's bru…

DIY Chalk Art

A couple of years ago I found this framed marker board at Home Goods and have been using it as a backdrop above our fireplace for mantel wreaths ... until now!

For this project, I used:
Framed marker boardWhite chalk markerSilhouette Cameo cutterWhite contact paperRulerSilhouette design - "It's a good day ..." phraseStiff artist's brushPlastic stencil - half circle and circle

Knowing the limits of my artistic ability and that I would need a stencil, I browsed through the Silhouette Design Store and the phrase "It's a good day to have a good day" immediately made me smile, so I put the cut file in my online cart, paid 99 cents, and it was mine.

To begin, I used a ruler and drew chalk marker double lines along each side of the marker board to form a chalk "frame."  Then used a plastic stencil to add open half circles and smaller circles at each corner and at the center of each side.  

To remove the chalk where lines intersected and overlapped, a slig…