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DIY Console Table Reveal

Last weekend we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and turned our garage into a workshop as we measured, measured again, cut, assembled and sanded the boards that would result in this beauty ....

To say that we like it is an understatement!  

This journey began with the need to replace our drastically undersized original console table and you can read more about that HERE.

Our inspiration was Ana White's Rustic X Console.  We followed Ana's wonderful free plans to construct the frame using 2" x 2" and 2" x 4" boards.  These were the only boards we had to purchase, as we had the two shelf boards (1" x 12" each) and three tabletop boards (2" x 6" each) on hand.

The finished dimensions are a whopping 76-1/2" x 18" x 32" - a little over 6 feet, making it much more appropriately sized for our 18' long wall (our original console table was only 42".)

You'll notice a few additional foyer changes as well.  The wall was…

Distressing Zinc Hardware

The tabletop on the new console table for the foyer (reveal coming soon!) has decorative metal braces at each corner.  The original shiny zinc plated steel wasn't quite the look we were after, so we distressed them.

You can find these zinc plated braces in bags of 4 for about $4 - very budget friendly and they come complete with screws.

The zinc plated finish is super bright and shiny but we wanted a more distressed, darker metal - not quite as dark as oil rubbed bronze.

Of the many metal distressing methods shared online, soaking in vinegar was appealing as an environmentally friendly option.

To start the distressing process, I lightly sanded the braces with sandpaper and placed them and the screws in a clear plastic container and covered with distilled vinegar to soak overnight.

The next morning, the screws had turned dark brown, almost black.  But, unfortunately the braces were only slightly less shiny with very little change in color. 

After discovering that salt can als…

Painting Wall Stripes

With plans to build a new and bigger console table in the works (read all about our plans HERE), I cleared the foyer and removed the framed photos from the gallery wall.  What I was left with was a fresh slate ... the long blank foyer wall provided the ideal canvas for painting wide wall stripes!

This wall is 18 feet long and 9 feet high and needed a touch of whimsy and a little visual interest.  Why not stripes?

I began by determining that I wanted to keep the current wall color (Sherwin Williams Softer Tan) as my base coat, and add three wide white stripes, for a total of 7 stripes.

By leaving the very top and bottom stripes (the one along the ceiling and the one along the baseboard) the color of my current wall color, it made this project so much quicker - no cutting in with a second color (white) near the ceiling or along the baseboard.  

I measured from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling (if we had crown molding, I would have measured to just below the crown molding).  This mea…