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Assigned Seating

Why have plain barstools when you can have numbered ones? 

Used my Silhouette Cameo to cut a stencil out of clear contact paper (inexpensive alternative to stencil material).  I put contact paper (do not remove backing) on the cutting mat and let the Silhouette do all the work.  Used the Silhouette hook tool to remove the negative spaces of the stencil.    

Applied the stencil to the barstool, pressing firmly.  A gift card makes a handy tool to do this.  Using a stencil sponge, I lightly applied paint.  After leaving in place for 5 minutes, I then carefully removed the stencil.  A clear coat of sealer could be applied, although I didn't. 

For a less permanent option, you can also use colored vinyl rather than stenciling, but I didn't think of that before painting.  :)

Hubby and I have lots more free time now that we don't have to guess which barstool is ours!  LOL

Thank you to Must Love Home, Pieced Pastimes, Snippets of Inspiration, Domesblissity, and The Dedicated House…

My First Post

My first post ... just a place to share my adventures with home d├ęcor projects, DIY, crafting and organizing, and all things home-related. 

Will start with one of my latest attempts - distressing a concrete pineapple finial.  It's definitely a work in progress ...

Using paint to distress and age items isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Or maybe the problem was the paint color I used in the "during" photo - it had a lot of pink undertones and just didn't look natural.  When in doubt, add more paint! 

Grabbed my jar of kitchen cabinet touchup paint that was just the right shade - creamy white.  Used a stencil sponge to dab the white on the raised areas of the pineapple, leaving the deep ridges dark.  

Hmmm ... I think it's come full circle and the "after" looks a lot like the "before."  Gives me renewed appreciation for natural patina!