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Christmas Tree Skirt or Container?

The last couple years, I've gradually replaced all of our traditional fabric Christmas tree skirts with various containers and have found several advantages to doing so.

In our home filled with furbabies, pet hair is a constant.  And having a feline with a fondness for curling up under the tree, I was never able to keep our tree skirts fur free.  

Once we had gifts under the tree, removing the skirt to clean it, run a lint roller over it, or straighten it became quite a chore.  And seriously, how do you launder most store bought tree skirts without damaging them?  Some even state that dry cleaning and laundering are not recommended - spot clean only.  

My quest to find low maintenance options was on and that's when I decided to just "contain" our trees.

Containers are not only basically maintenance free, they are super easy to clean around - just vacuum or mop around the container - no fabric to get caught in your vacuum's rollers and no wet fabric from mopping too c…

Our Fun Thanksgiving Table

There's nothing like waiting until the very last minute to plan your holiday tablescape.  I'm not quite sure why I procrastinated, but today I finally got it done.  And I only wish I'd started sooner because creating the personalized place setting decor for our little grandsons was so much fun!

It was quick and easy using a gold charger that I spray painted.  You can find more details HERE.

I placed the colorful plate and matching napkin (disposable) in the center of the charger and wrapped the silverware in the napkin and tied with natural raffia.

For the decorative dots, in Microsoft Publisher (you can also use Word), I created orange circles (using "Shapes") with centered white lettering, printed, and cut out using a circle punch.  For the small round turkeys on white background, I simply found a free printable that I liked, resized it and printed multiples on white paper.  Then, cut into circles using my circle punch.  I used a glue stick to attach the decorativ…

2016 Fall Decor in Our Abode

This year, we were gifted with pinecones galore for our Fall decor.  

We don't have pine trees in our lawn, but my sweet sis-in-law, who lives in Maryland, has an abundance of beautiful long pinecones and she was so gracious to gather them, pack them in a box and send them to me in Texas.  

I've scattered them throughout our home.  They add the perfect touch for Fall and are a sweet reminder of her across the miles.

For the mantel, I created a glitzy pinecone garland using the pinecones and some awesome gold cascading garland.  I was smitten with this gold garland at Hobby Lobby last year but didn't buy it - so was thrilled when I found it again a few weeks ago.  It adds subtle shimmer and shine, don't you agree?

To make the pinecone garland, I securely tied (the pinecones can be heavy!) a length of jute twine to each corner of the fireplace mantel, meeting in the center.  Then, I looped a small length of the twine thru the top of each pinecone and tied them individually t…

Making Your Own Red Vehicle with Tree Decor

Don't you just love all the cute Christmas decor depicting a bright red car or truck with the green tree strapped to the top?  So festive and I like the timeless appeal of them, but they're not always easy to find.  

Fortunately, with the magic of red paint, any little vehicle can be transformed!

I'm so thrilled that this project was a Fan Favorite at The Dedicated House!  Thank you to Kathryn for featuring!

These little green lighted vehicles are in the Christmas miniatures and villages section at, of all places, Walmart!  The original green vehicle paint was very dull, boring and blended in completely with the green of the tree.  Totally unimpressive!

Couldn't wait to get it home and start the makeover.  :)

Two quick coats of shiny red paint and the dull green vehicle was transformed to a festive red that's ready for the holidays.  And doesn't the contrast of the red against the bright green tree look so much nicer than the before?

Now I'm on the lookout for ot…

DIY Corner Block Moulding Caddy

We've had 4 pieces of corner block moulding in our scrap wood stash for quite some time and today I gave them a purpose.  

If you're not familiar with these decorative little blocks of wood, they're available in many styles for framing mirrors or door frames. 

We bought them months ago at Lowe's to frame a mirror for our bathroom, but in the process found a ready-made mirror that we used instead.  These cute carved blocks of wood sat unused and unloved until today.


4 corner block moulding (4.5" x 4.5" each)
1 5-gallon paint stir stick
Wood glue
Small tack nails and hammer, or brad nailer
Paint and paint brush
Sanding sponge or fine sandpaper

To begin, I lightly sanded the blocks - they were presanded but a few areas needed to be touched up.

Next, I arranged the blocks to form a square.

Then applied wood glue where edges met, and clamped in place to dry.

After the glue dried, I (actually, my gracious assistant) cut 3 equal lengths of the stir stick to…

Deep Dish Pecan Pie

Our family members each have a favorite cake or dessert for birthdays and special occasions, but one universal favorite is a rich, gooey pecan pie.

Truth be told, in the past I've tiptoed around the idea of making a homemade pecan pie.  I've bought them at local bakeries, and even avoided pie baking altogether by distracting my family with pecan crisps and pecan cobblers.  

But, it was time to face my fear of pecan pie baking failure ... and to finally use my springform pan.  To better our odds of a favorable outcome, used store-bought pie crust.  

To get started, preheat oven to 325 degrees.

The ingredients are:

4 cups chopped pecans
1 cup honey (you could use corn syrup)
1 cup brown sugar - I used dark
3 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
6 tablespoons melted unsalted butter
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 refrigerated pie crusts

Roll out one refrigerated pie crust.  Cut into 4 equal pieces.  Place the 4 pie crust pieces along the outside edges of the second full pie cr…