My First Post

My first post ... just a place to share my adventures with home décor projects, DIY, crafting and organizing, and all things home-related. 

Will start with one of my latest attempts - distressing a concrete pineapple finial.  It's definitely a work in progress ...

Using paint to distress and age items isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Or maybe the problem was the paint color I used in the "during" photo - it had a lot of pink undertones and just didn't look natural.  When in doubt, add more paint! 

Grabbed my jar of kitchen cabinet touchup paint that was just the right shade - creamy white.  Used a stencil sponge to dab the white on the raised areas of the pineapple, leaving the deep ridges dark.  

Hmmm ... I think it's come full circle and the "after" looks a lot like the "before."  Gives me renewed appreciation for natural patina!   

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