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Travel Trailer Tour

I promised a tour of our travel trailer and ... here we go!

Before we made our purchase, we browsed the photos of many other bloggers' travel trailers, and now it's a pleasure to return the favor and provide this quick tour of ours.  

Our travel trailer is a Rockwood Mini Lite model 2109s and is approximately 21 feet long.  It's basically a one room (plus bathroom) tiny house on double axles!  For a more detailed list of features, check out my previous post HERE.  

To begin this tour, as you walk through the entry, to the right mounted to the side of an upper cabinet is the monitor panel/command center.  Here you control the water pump/heater, tank heaters, and monitor the tanks.  This is also where you find the controls for the power awning and slide-out, and all exterior lighting, along with the interior light nearest the entry.

To your left is a floor to ceiling pantry.  It has removable, adjustable wood shelves.  There's also a clothing rod, making the closet easily converted to a wardrobe if needed. 

Next to the pantry are the refrigerator and freezer.  Below the fridge is a carbon monoxide and gas detector, and the converter for switching the fridge/freezer from AC to propane power.  

Immediately in front of you is the bathroom door - how's that for convenience?  :) 

Turning to the right you arrive at the kitchen area and basically the remainder of the entire space ... sitting area and bedroom area.

The kitchen is actually quite spacious for a trailer this size.  There's a built-in microwave, exhaust fan/light, built in oven/3-burner stove and double sink.  

The little "This is our happy place" printable with camper graphic was fun to make.  Links to graphics can be found HERE.


It offers plenty of storage - upper cabinets, two large drawers (for pots/pans and larger items), a tray drawer under the sink, two cutlery drawers to the left of the oven, and a large drawer below the oven.

We replaced the drawer pulls on the two largest kitchen drawers with larger and sturdier cup pulls.  

Satin Nickle Arched Cup Pull

Under the cutlery drawers is the furnace.  To the left of the kitchen counter is extra counter space in the form of a hinged shelf that pops up. 

Next to the kitchen is the entertainment center with full digital stereo system, including outside speakers and remote.  The flat screen TV swivels for viewing in the bedroom or sitting area.   

The stereo can also be used as an MP3/DVD/CD player and any other external devices hook up to the stereo as well.  Under the stereo is a charging station with outlets for phone charging.  Nearest the floor is another storage cabinet.  In spite of its small footprint, this space really isn't lacking storage options.

The TV can also be moved to the exterior of the trailer for outside viewing.  The speakers on the exterior are under the awning right above the window (the two round objects on either side of the orange porch light).  


Back inside, the bedroom area has drapes on either side of the queen size bed, enabling you to separate the sleeping area from the remainder of the space.  

We really enjoy having the large window at the head of the bed - it provides awesome lighting during the day and the window shade and exterior window cover can be closed for room darkening.  We were told that some manufacturers are discontinuing this window option.

On either side of the bed are built-in night stands - one side has a drawer and the other has a handy electrical outlet.

There are "closets" on both sides of the bed and storage above.  Adding these hanging organizers helps to keep folded clothing sorted and organized.

There's under bed storage at the foot of the mattress - you lift the end of the mattress to access a trunk size storage space, in addition to three built-in drawers.  

The mattress (which comes with a built-in heater) wasn't the most comfortable we'd experienced, so we added a 4" memory foam topper and now it's super comfy.  A great modification!

There was a single under cabinet light fixture mounted above the head of the bed, and we added puck lights for nighttime reading and to light the bedside tables.  


Puck lights were also installed above the monitor panel/command center near the entry door, and under the bathroom medicine cabinet to better illuminate the sink. 

These puck lights are LED remote control battery operated with dimmer and they are working really well.  They're from Costco and a set of 6 with remote was around $20.  

The sitting area is in the slide-out and contains a sofa bed with storage above and there are reading lights mounted under the upper cabinets.  Other models featured a dinette in the slide-out.

We added the storage ottoman and it's convenient for safely stashing away horizontal surface items (coffee maker, toaster, framed photos and breakable items) while on the road.  

A folding table was included with the trailer and was tucked away behind the sofa.  For us, it was a little too bulky and tall (and heavy for me), and took up too much floor space - especially when the pups are traveling with us.  It's a well made table - we'll use it outdoors for added prep or serving space when grilling.

Here it is .. to give you an idea of size:

That brings us back to the bathroom.  It's a 3 piece bathroom with sink, toilet and circular shower with shower doors.  There's a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink, storage below the sink, and a skylight above the shower. 

That completes the tour of the interior!  Hope this helps if you're in the market for a similar size travel trailer and are comparing options and features.  If we can answer any questions about this model, please leave a comment or email and we'll be happy to help.  

And just so we don't end this tour with a photo of the toilet (!!) ... here's a lovely pic from our recent West Coast road trip - a view of the Picacho Mountains near Eloy, Arizona.  You can read all about our adventure HERE

Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!  I try to respond to comments via email as soon as I can. If your email address isn't available, I will comment here. Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. I love how homey you've made it already! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! We're having a lot of fun with it and adding a few personal touches makes it feel like a second home. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Thanks for all the info - have a great weekend.

  3. I love it! Everything is so compact, but there is room for everything you need. It really is a tiny house on wheels, isn't it?

    1. It really is! Am hoping to line the existing curtains or shades with black out fabric. :)

  4. Wow! Very glamorous indeed! Mimi xxx

  5. Nice! I have been thinking about such a purchase so good to see different models. Thanks!

    1. You'll be so amazed by the options that are out there. I forgot to mention the Murphy bed that's also available in lieu of the regular bed. (Will edit to add.). Would love to hear all about your shopping experience and purchase!

  6. It's lovely! And so much storage space too! I know y'all will enjoy many fun times in it!

    1. The storage space is very surprising, considering this isn't a super large travel trailer. On our trip, we actually had drawers and cabinets that were empty - that was a pleasant surprise!

  7. Oh how fun is this. We had a motorhome for years and loved it. I know you are enjoying your trailer and it looks perfect.

    1. Hi Marty! We are having a blast! When we "grow up" we want a motor home someday. They are amazing!

  8. Carolyn, it is lovely.. You have made it look like a house.. KNow you two will have some lovely times in it.. ENjoy.

    1. So sweet of you to say so Judy! I just wish we were able to be on the road every weekend!!!

  9. My goodness. This is fantastic. It is prettier and has more things than many homes I've seen. You are lacking for nothing here. And because space is limited (althought I wouldn't believe it with what you have shown us) you have to be careful what you bring with you. At this rate, you will never want to go home again you can just travel around the world in your trailer. Pinning and sharing.


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