2016 Fall Decor in Our Abode

This year, we were gifted with pinecones galore for our Fall decor.  

We don't have pine trees in our lawn, but my sweet sis-in-law, who lives in Maryland, has an abundance of beautiful long pinecones and she was so gracious to gather them, pack them in a box and send them to me in Texas.  

I've scattered them throughout our home.  They add the perfect touch for Fall and are a sweet reminder of her across the miles.

For the mantel, I created a glitzy pinecone garland using the pinecones and some awesome gold cascading garland.  I was smitten with this gold garland at Hobby Lobby last year but didn't buy it - so was thrilled when I found it again a few weeks ago.  It adds subtle shimmer and shine, don't you agree?

To make the pinecone garland, I securely tied (the pinecones can be heavy!) a length of jute twine to each corner of the fireplace mantel, meeting in the center.  Then, I looped a small length of the twine thru the top of each pinecone and tied them individually to the jute garland.  Super quick and easy to arrange each pinecone by sliding them along the garland.  

Here's a shot without the gold cascading garland added:

I'm honestly so excited about decorating for Christmas this year that most of the Fall decor I'm using are repeats from last year.  But, we're enjoying them just the same.  :)

I'll stop (most of) the chatter now and let the pics speak for themselves:


The Fall printable above is available for purchase from Ann Drake and can be found at Life ... On Sutton Place.  

The above wreath printable is a free printable from Ann Drake at Life ...On Sutton Place.  I had been searching for a "Welcome Fall" wreath printable and loved Ann's and simply replaced her original "Gather" text in the center using Picmonkey.  Thanks to Ann for providing us with all the lovely printables - be sure to check them out on her site HERE.

Don't these cotton boll stems look realistic?  Well ... that's because they ARE!   When it comes to acquiring decor supplies, I am totally without shame and have no scruples whatsoever.  :)  While traveling a back country road recently, I had the good fortune of following a cotton trailer that was dropping cotton stems from its undercarriage.  Guess you can see where this is headed.  LOL!  One minute they're road kill and the next they're gracing our dining room for Fall.  

That wraps up our Fall decor tour.  Wishing you and yours a nice Thanksgiving Day abundant with good food, family and friends and many blessings!

Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!  I try to respond to comments via email as soon as I can. If your email address isn't available, I will comment here. Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Hi Carolyn...thank you so much for featuring my printables! Also...your pine cone banner looks awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...Ann

  2. I love those printables and that pine cone garland is so festive and pretty! Love that you got real cotton too!

  3. Your fall decor is lovely! That pine cone garland will be good for Christmas, too. I can just imagine what my cat would do with a garland like that! LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Carolyn.

  4. I had to laugh at the thought of you following the cotton trailer, and picking up there left over fallen cotton. Smart lady.. Nothing more beautiful than cotton.
    The pine cone garland , is so pretty.. I love the long/cone shape pine cones.. We dont have those kind here??
    Love all the gold painted things too.

    1. Hi, Judy! I had just been to Hobby Lobby searching for cotton stems and couldn't find them anywhere. When the opportunity to "pick" a few cotton stems presented itself, I wasn't about to pass it up! haha!