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2016 Christmas Decor

It's starting to look and feel a lot like Christmas ... the presents are wrapped, the mantel is aglow, and our home is an explosion of glittery gold, bold red and deep green.

This year's mantel is decked out in three layers of garlands ... a base of vertically strung pinecones, and a lighted spruce garland, topped off with a gilded cascading garland.  Instructions for the DIY pinecone garland are HERE.

Above the mantel, a traditional spruce wreath with gold and red ball ornaments is surrounded by a gold open picture frame and a symmetrical arrangement of glittery cutout gold stars and red trees, red felt cone trees, and copper lanterns filled with gold wrapped candles.

A splash of red also warms the hearth area - this darling wood step stool painted with shiny red enamel was built by hubby's grandfather many years ago and is the perfect perch for the vintage red truck and tree.  Surprisingly, our gold painted Thanksgiving pumpkin appears to be alive and well to shine on through Christmas.

On our coffee table, a large clear glass cloche filled with red glass ball ornaments is resting on a gold framed mirror tray.  In reality, it's not a tray at all - it's a wall mirror found at Target.  Nice when items can do double duty.  

Accompanying the cloche is a little red lighted vehicle with Christmas tree.  It was originally green and received a festive makeover with red paint.  Read more about that HERE.

The two slipper chairs in the living room are adorned with red rosette pillows, and my thrifty find of the season ... a dark grey plush throw with super large fluffy pom poms.  I was thrilled to find it at Tuesday Morning for only $14.99!!!  If you're searching for these, they also had them in ivory and a light tan.

In a break from tradition, this year's large living room tree is decorated all in gold, with burlap garland and gold raffia.  It rests in a burlap filled galvanized container.  To see how we set up the tree container, click HERE.

The topper is a gold star with white lights, and glittery gold cascading sprays.  The sprays were found at Lowe's and the star topper at Target.  Tree ornaments were all items we had on hand.

Instructions for making the burlap and book page stocking ornaments can be found HERE.

The foyer decor (adjacent to the large tree) is simple and consists of a lighted tabletop urn centerpiece on the foyer table, and a simple  door wreath.

Our gift wrapping color theme this year is a combination of metallic gold, white and black.  I created and cut the gift tags from black card stock using my Silhouette Cameo, and shiny gold paper fills cutout tree openings in the tags. 

Names were written on the tags with a metallic gold Sharpie (from Lowe's).

In the dining room, a new addition this season is the hot beverage bar on the small antique chest.  The chest is just the right size for all the goodies needed to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea, spiced cider or cocoa.  In addition to the Keurig and K-cups, add-ins are ready to go - chocolate chips, marshmallows, flavored coffee creamer, sprinkles, candy cane stirrers and cinnamon.

The dining room table centerpiece is another large glass cloche, filled with red and gold glass ornaments and surrounded by gold and red beaded garland.  This cloche is displayed on a farmhouse style carved round wood tray with metal handles.  The tray was from Decor Steals and came in a set of two.    

A counter height bar separates our kitchen from our dining room and it's a great place for two lighted 4' counter trees in urns.  They're decorated with the handmade cinnamon ornaments from last year (instructions found HERE and HERE). 

Next to each lighted counter tree are small gold metal ornament stands loaded with red and gold ornaments and "skirted" with red berry candle rings.  The gold metal stands were Goodwill finds this summer.

If you're still with me, have you noticed that pillows move around a lot in our home?  :)

In the kitchen, we continue the explosion of festive red.  Our kitchen is typically very neutral and at Christmas the red really makes it come alive.  

The light fixture above the island is dressed up a bit with green garland and red and gold tinsel wreaths.  A similar wreath is also centered on the garland at the kitchen sink window.  

Our framed Christmas countdown is in full swing on the kitchen counter, along with a mug of hot cinnamon flavored candy canes in a holiday mug perched on a white and gold dotted cupcake pedestal.  A trio of glittery gold cone trees add a little sparkle to the top of the fridge.

The trio of cracked glass lighted orbs on the counter remain year-round because we enjoy them so much.

A white ceramic soup tureen is great for displaying Christmas crackers/poppers (which do you call them?) until Christmas day and a chubby little Santa is keeping them company.

Wrapping up this holiday tour, our master bedroom has a touch of glitz in the form of tinsel trees and matching gold wreath.

How is your holiday decor coming along?  Are you just beginning to decorate, shop for gifts and plan your menu?  Or, have you finished and are now breathing a sigh of relief?

Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!  I try to respond to comments via email as soon as I can. If your email address isn't available, I will comment here. Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Everything is wonderful, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be your mantel.

    1. Thank you so very much! I am so glad I found your blog and have enjoyed your posts and the pics of your adorable and cheerful cottage and studio by the sea. So envious of your views from your home! Appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!!! It is so pretty , I had to go back and re-go through your blog post to look for the second round. Smile..I enjoyed the second round even more.. I noticed all the truck/christmas tree things around..[Love it]. What about the pillow with the tree/truck on your couch? Where did you find that one.It is so pretty.
    I love your mantle too.. The garlands are gorgeous. And that beautiful Christmas tree.. Love all the red in the kitchen..
    looks like its just waiting for Santa to arrive.. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you Judy! Would you believe the red truck pillow came from Walmart? They were in a pack of two for around $11 ... the other pillow has a trio of festive green trees. This morning I finished setting up the small tree in our bedroom and once I have the guest toom tree up, it's a wrap! Appreciate your sweet comments! :)

  3. Beautiful tour! Your kitchen is lovely and I adore that step stool and the sentimental value of it. That hot beverage bar is very tempting. :)

    1. Isn't the step stool adorable? So lovingly made and the color is so bright and cheerful. I want to find out why he painted it red ... can't you just envision it in a 50's red and white kitchen? Thanks for visiting, Lisa! As it is each year, your home and holiday decor is beautiful!

  4. Your home is beautiful and you have decorated it so nicely! I haven't done anything, yet! Want to come over and help me? :)

    1. Thanks so much Bless! I'll be right over! I wish! After vacationing in San Diego earlier this year, I would gladly make the return trip to help you - your weather is so wonderful!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us at the Merry Monday party! Happy Christmas season to you.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Shirley! Merry Christmas!

  6. Everything is gorgeous! :)

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  7. Your home is lovely and the mantel is outstanding!

  8. Thank you for popping in, Carol! You have a lovely blog and I'm now following you on Pinterest and subscribed to your posts. Tou bird plate tablescape is so pretty! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


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