{TUTORIAL} DIY Monogram Candle

Looking for a cute and quick personalized gift or home decor item that's fun to make?  These monogram candles can be custom made for any occasion ... in any candle size and style - from votives to pillars, traditional or flameless.

For this tutorial, we'll use dollar store votives.  They came four to a box and are the perfect size for hostess gifts or party favors.

Supplies used:

~~Votive candles
~~White tissue paper
~~White glue
~~Letter size cardstock (8-1/2"x11")

Votive candles and white glue were purchased at the dollar store.  All other supplies I had on hand.

To begin, design your candle monogram - I used Microsoft Publisher (you can use Word or any other program that you have and are familiar with) and experiment with size and shape by printing a test page on regular paper to ensure the individual monograms fit your candles.

Next, cut tissue paper slightly smaller than cardstock and tape one of the short ends of the tissue paper to the short side (8-1/2") of cardstock.  Again, only tape one end - this is the end that will feed through your printer.  Be sure to tape it completely across, leaving no gaps between the edge of the tissue paper and cardstock. 

I then placed the taped end of the cardstock/tissue paper into my printer using the manual feed tray and sent the Publisher file to print.  The monograms came out nice and sharp on the tissue paper.

Remove the tissue paper from the cardstock and now the monograms are ready to be cut out manually with scissors.  Have not yet experimented with designing them using my Silhouette and letting the Silhouette cut them out of tissue paper - that's a project for another day!  :)  You don't have to cut them out perfectly, just be sure not to cut into the colored area of the monogram - leaving a little excess white tissue paper around the monogram is fine.

(You'll notice that my photos feature various monogram letters - R, S, K, etc. - was working with several for this tutorial.)

Ready to apply the monograms to the candles?  It's the fun part!  Apply a bead of glue around the candle.

Press the monogram to the candle and, using your fingers (the fun part!), press the monogram into the glue to remove any air bubbles.  The dollar store glue worked much better than thicker craft glues - it enables you to manipulate and reposition the tissue paper monogram without tearing.  If your glue is thick, just thin it a bit with water.

When you work your way to the back of the monogram, trim any excess so the ends meet neatly.  

Use additional glue to cover the outside of the monogram - this will give it a nice, semi-shiny appearance when dried.

This same process can be applied to wicked and flameless candles in all sizes and shapes.

And, that completes our monogram candle tutorial!  So glad you joined me!


  1. As you probably already know, being from the south, I adore anything monogrammed! Love these! You're absolutely right that these would make perfect party favors or hostess gifts!

  2. Is there help for those of use addicted to monograms? If so, sign me up! Just seems to me there's no better way to give a personalized gift than to give someone their own initial! :)

  3. Love all your creative ideas! Looks like I need to buy some candles!

    1. Hi, Bless! I stocked up on votives from the Dollar Store and they work really well. Love a project that's fun to do and budget-friendly as well! Have a wonderful day!