{TUTORIAL) Wood Picket Shelf

Remember those picket scraps that were leftover from making the wood shutters?  If you missed that post, it's HERE. I used them to make a little shelf.  

Supplies used to build the shelf (click on supply item for sources and/or additional info):

~~5 dog-eared ends of picket boards
~~10" 2x4
~~Drawer knob
~~Cordless brad nailer

Additional supplies used after assembling the shelf (click on supply item for sources and/or additional info):

~~Fine sanding sponge
~~1" disposable paint brush
~~Behr Espresso Beans paint
~~Two D-ring hangers

To begin, I lightly sanded any super rough areas and attached two of the picket ends to the short ends of the 2x4 with the brad nailer.  If you don't have a brad nailer, small nails or screws will work just as well.

Then, attached the three front pickets.

Next, was to drill a hole in the center picket for the decorative drawer pull (didn't get a pic of that step).  Attached the drawer pull temporarily to be sure it was where I hoped it would be.  LOL   

If you've not yet checked out the selection of knobs and pulls at Hobby Lobby, you'll be pleasantly surprised - and, when they run their half off sales, the deals are even better.

Searched my paint/stain stash and tested the underside with Dark Walnut stain, but didn't like the look, so used Behr Espresso Beans paint instead.  After letting it dry - which didn't take long thanks to our 100+ temp days here in Texas - I installed two D-ring hangers centered on the back of the 2x4.  Reattached the drawer pull.

Just a small wall shelf that made good use of leftover pieces of picket boards.


An advantage to using picket fencing boards is that they're inexpensive - if you don't like your final product, you haven't made a major investment.  And if you've recently completed a fencing project, you likely have leftover pieces to reuse.

Have you used cedar picket boards for anything other than fencing?  Did you find them easy to work with?


  1. Picket boards are so versatile! We used some to frame out a metal fleur de lis we bought at Hobby Lobby. I agree...Hob Lob is THE place for pulls and knobs. :) Your project turned out great! Such a unique little piece!

    1. That's a great idea to frame the metal art, Lisa! You and your hubby always come up with the best ideas. Have a great day!

  2. Very clever of you. I like the creative way you have the pickets facing down.

    1. Hi, Betsy! Decided how to place the pickets took me longer than actually building the shelf! I tried placing them in opposite directions and then with the middle picket opposite the others, but finally decided to place them with dog-eared ends facing down. The easiest projects sometimes take the most thought (for me)! LOL!

  3. You have such neat ideas! Love your little shelf!

  4. Jump right in and try it, Bless! You'll surprise yourself!!!!

  5. How very clever!
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