DIY Chalk Art

A couple of years ago I found this framed marker board at Home Goods and have been using it as a backdrop above our fireplace for mantel wreaths ... until now!

For this project, I used:
  • Framed marker board
  • White chalk marker
  • Silhouette Cameo cutter
  • White contact paper
  • Ruler
  • Silhouette design - "It's a good day ..." phrase
  • Stiff artist's brush
  • Plastic stencil - half circle and circle

Knowing the limits of my artistic ability and that I would need a stencil, I browsed through the Silhouette Design Store and the phrase "It's a good day to have a good day" immediately made me smile, so I put the cut file in my online cart, paid 99 cents, and it was mine.

To begin, I used a ruler and drew chalk marker double lines along each side of the marker board to form a chalk "frame."  Then used a plastic stencil to add open half circles and smaller circles at each corner and at the center of each side.  

To remove the chalk where lines intersected and overlapped, a slightly damp artist's brush worked well without disturbing other areas of the design.

Next, opening the cut file in my Silhouette software, resized it to 12" wide and ungrouped it to cut "It's a Good Day to Have a" ...

... and "Good Day" separately for ease of handling.

After cutting the two pieces using white contact paper, I removed the letters and design from the paper backing and was left with an adhesive stencil.

I removed the stencil from the paper backing and placed it carefully on the marker board, being sure to press it down firmly to eliminate any gaps.  

Finally .. the fun part ... filling in the stencil using the chalk marker!

Instead of filling in each letter solidly with chalk, I mixed it up a little by alternating diagonal lines and dots.  Just a bit of visual interest, don't you think?  Can you spot the areas that still needed touching up?  There are a lot!

Of course, after "finishing" it, I had to tweak it by adding a scroll design to fill the blank space between the two portions of the phrase.  

NOW, it's complete!

Have you tried your hand at chalk art on a marker board or chalkboard?  Did you use a stencil or are you artistically inclined and can do it freehand?  

Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas!  I try to respond to comments via email as soon as I can. If your email address isn't available, I will comment here. Thanks so much for visiting!

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  1. Love this! So cute. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home.


  2. I'm definitely not artistically inclined. At all. Lol! I didn't even know there were stencils for this! You did such a great job!

  3. This is adorable.. I love it.. You are one talented lady.. I took an old frame and chalk board painted the inside. I free handed my words [and it looks like I did it.hahahaha]. Love it on your mantle too.

  4. You are so talented! You come up with the best creative ideas! So neatly done, too!

  5. That is very cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  6. This came out darling! Thank you for joining us at the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We are glad to have you :)